OST Release Blog: EDR Tradecraft, Presets, PowerShell Tradecraft, and More 

Malicious actors continuously deploy new or improved techniques. Red teams must maintain an equally rapid pace of development of their tooling arsenal to remain effective at testing evolving defensive measure and preparing organizations for advanced threats. With the dedicated research and development efforts from the Outflank team, OST is constantly evolving, with additions of new, leading-edge tools unique to the market as well as regular enhancements to our existing tools. 

In this quarterly release blog, we’ll summarize some of the latest updates we’ve made over the past few months.  

EDR Tradecraft

Over the last few years we have clearly seen the big EDR names in the market up their game. Generally, we can say that they are doing a great job and that EDR-bypasses are becoming harder. However, EDRs can’t be expected to do magic,

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