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Take your red teaming to the next level. Outflank's powerful toolset helps other security teams run more complex, evasive engagements.

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Outflank is a highly skilled red team composed of experienced professionals

We specialize in assessing resilience against advanced threats and training security teams for enhanced incident response. To complement our offensive expertise, we have developed Outflank Security Tooling (OST), an ever-advancing toolset that applies to every step of the attack kill chain. Our goal is to empower red teams, both large and small, with our expert tools and services.

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The Next Generation of Red Teaming

Since we can't be everywhere at once, we have created Outflank Security Tooling (OST). OST is a bundle of our internal tools made available to you to help your team provide high-end offensive security services. With OST, security teams can create a multi-phased approach with tools for every stage of an engagement, from initial access to the final stages.

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Red Team Specialists with Diverse Skills

In addition to having performed hundreds of security tests and red teaming engagements, our seasoned team of security professionals and researchers continuously enhance OST with the latest offensive techniques. We are also committed to knowledge sharing with extensive documentation and our exclusive Slack user community.

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Dedication to Staying Undetected

Outflank specializes in staying under the radar with exceptional evasion and stealth. OST was explicitly developed to assist in bypassing defensive measures and detection tools, using capabilities not yet published or weaponized by any other solutions or services.

A Key Part of Fortra

Outflank is proud to be a part of Fortra's comprehensive cybersecurity portfolio. Fortra simplifies today's complex cybersecurity landscape by bringing complementary solutions together to solve problems in innovative ways. With this acquisition, we can now provide our unparalleled combination of targeted software and expert-led services to more organizations around the world. Outflank fits perfectly in Fortra's portfolio. Outflank Security tooling is a match with Cobalt Strike and provides red teams with unparalleled tooling for effective adversary simulations.

Our Security Services

We test your defenses and provide deep expertise with regard to security monitoring and incident response, so that you are prepared when a real incident hits your organisation.

Offensive Security Tooling

A curated set of tools to assist red teams with every stage of an engagement.

Red Teaming & Attack Simulation

Realistic attacker scenarios to prepare for real-world security incidents.

Security Training

Learn to defend against modern offensive techniques used by advanced attackers.

All our team members have at least 10 years of experience in security testing and red teaming.

Every member of the Outflank team has over a decade of red teaming experience and holds industry certifications such as CISSP, OSWP, CISA, OCSP, and more.

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