Fortra’s Outflank:
A modern approach to red teaming

About Outflank 

Outflank is a highly specialized team of security experts that offers leading edge offensive security tooling, red teaming services, and advanced security training. The team has performed hundreds of security tests and red teaming engagements and trained over 1,000 IT and security professionals. Their strong offensive experience has led to the development of Outflank Security Tooling (OST), a full-spectrum, evasive toolset that supports other red teams in performing complex tasks.  

A Key Part of Fortra


Outflank is proud to be a part of Fortra’s comprehensive cybersecurity portfolio. Fortra simplifies today’s complex cybersecurity landscape by bringing complementary solutions together to solve problems in innovative ways. With this acquisition, we can now provide our unparalleled combination of targeted software and expert-led services to more organizations around the world. Outflank fits perfectly in Fortra’s portfolio. Outflank Security tooling is a match with Cobalt Strike and provides red teams with unparalleled tooling for effective adversary simulations. 

What Sets Outflank Apart? 

A Focus on Evasion 

Staying under the radar is one of the key challenges facing red teams today and is a primary mission of the Outflank team. We provide both services and solutions that specialize in bypassing defensive measures and even the latest EDR tools. Prioritizing stealth has enabled the creation of unique techniques and tools that are not yet published or weaponized by any other solutions or services.  

A Passion for Cybersecurity Research  

Outflank is committed to continual growth and thought leadership, dedicating time and energy to cutting edge research that can enhance OST, be utilized by our users, and be shared with the security community.  

The Outflank team brings this same energy to engagements, looking for challenges where their expertise can make a difference. We assess how resilient even the most complex environments are against advanced threats and train security teams for enhanced incident response.  

The bigger the challenge, the more satisfied we are when we succeed. 

A Team of Qualified Red Teaming Experts  

The Outflank team consists of both highly experienced developers and red teamers who specialize in network security, security monitoring, web applications, industrial control systems, Active Directory, and more. We complement this strong offensive experience with deep expertise in IT security defense. This experience allows us to provide pragmatic and to-the-point advice, which is understandable for both engineers and management. All our team members have at least a decade of experience in security testing and red teaming and have demonstrated their proficiency at top security conferences including Black Hat Asia, BruCON, DefCon, DerbyCon, Hack in Paris, FIRST, NullCon, SANS Hackfest, TROOPERS and x33fcon.

Let’s Talk About How Outflank Can Help

Meet the team

The Outflank team consists of 11 skilled and practiced team members with a passion for ethical hacking and developing proactive security tooling that supports the work of modern red teams.