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Request a Demo of Outflank Security Tooling (OST)

Get a first-hand look at this evasive
red teaming toolset

OST is an expertly developed set of offensive security tools designed for advanced red ream engagements targeting even mature and sensitive environments. This toolset is focused on keeping operations under the radar, assisting with bypassing defensive measures and detection tools.

What to Expect During the OST Demo

Live demos will include: 

  • An overview of the full set of OST tools and their benefits 
  • A walkthrough of the toolset’s features in action  
  • Plenty of time for questions  

With a seasoned team of security specialists focused on incorporating the most up-to-date research and techniques for evasion, users get access to capabilities not yet published or weaponized by any other solutions or services. In addition to these innovative tools, users are invited to an exclusive Slack community that is monitored by OST developers for support and knowledge sharing with other users. 

Request a demo today to get an expertly led tour of OST to see how these diverse tools provide coverage for every significant step in the attacker kill chain, from initial access to final exfiltration. With new tools regularly added, you’ll get an exclusive look at the latest iteration of this constantly evolving toolset.  

Since OST is a powerful toolset that uses the same techniques as threat actors, we limit purchases to only responsible buyers. Please provide a summary of your planned usage of OST, as this information is needed as part of the required vetting of all prospective users. Complete the form to get this process started and to schedule your live demonstration. 

*Please note, at this time Outflank Security Tooling is not available to users in Afghanistan, Belarus, Central African Republic, China, DPRK North Korea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar (Burma), Russia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen and Zimbabwe.