OST Community

OST not only provides useful tools that help simplify red team engagements and tradecraft that enhance skillsets, it also provides another additional essential pieces that are required for effective red teaming: community interaction. With new attack methods and vulnerabilities constantly emerging, red teaming requires a mindset of continuous learning. A strong community fosters the collaboration that InfoSec needs to thrive, allowing red teams to connect with one another to share their experiences, and gain fresh perspectives.

The growing user community surrounding Outflank Security Tooling (OST) offers benefits for both our customers as well as the R&D team. Our exclusive Slack channel allows the Outflank team to interact with our users and enables users to come together and discuss new ideas, fostering a community of knowledge sharing.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Building a community of vetted red teamers that can provide new insights and brainstorm solutions to improve your operations requires a trustworthy forum where operators know they can safely share information. By hosting a secure channel for red teamers, we provide users with just such a reliable platform to ask questions and learn from one another. This forum also facilitates collaboration, allowing users to brainstorm creative solutions to complex red teaming challenges. The Outflank team is also active in this Slack channel to provide answers for quick support questions.

Feedback-Release Cycle

Having a forum where we can hear directly from our users helps us not only enhance OST, it helps OST grow at a much more efficient pace. We’re able to get valuable data on the efficacy of the toolset, prioritize feature requests, and generally improve quality and performance. Additionally, we’re able to keep our finger on the pulse of pain points red teamers are encountering during their engagements which we use in our research for future EDR evasion techniques and tool development.

Contributions to OST

The Outflank team offers a number of presets for OST users. These are configuration sets for specific tools like Payload Generator, that been identified as being capable of evading specific EDRs at a given time. Given the high development pace of EDRs, presets have a high turnover. Since presets are regularly identified during engagements, a unique way the OST community gives back to one another is by sharing their discoveries through a secure form available through the user portal, giving users another advantage in their operations.

Join Our Community

If you’re interested in learning more about this community and the diverse offerings of OST, we recommend scheduling an expert-led demo.